Arrivederci Roma

Today I take the train to Lucca and begin living my Italian life. I’ve loved Rome but it’s an exhausting pace to be for me. I love that the city is crammed with amazing things to see and I just can’t stop myself from wandering down new streets, losing my sense of direction and ending up somewhere where I didn’t expect to be. Even when I’m trying to follow a plan Rome seems to have other ideas. Like yesterday for example. I set off purposefully to see an exhibition of 50 years of neon which I thought sounded interesting, and a bit different. Never got there. Ended up instead at the bumping into Pasquino and finding Il Fornaio.

Pasquino was the first speaking statue in Rome. Back in the day, this was where people could have their say about the politics or social issues of the time by writing their complaints down and attaching them to the statue for all to see. A bit like talk back radio, before radio was invented.

Il Fornaio is one of those life changing experiences. OK, it’s basically a bakery but OMG….pizza bianca with mortadella, suppli di riso, every kind of torta, cannoli and so many more delicious delicious things. I just love that le pizza and le torte are priced by the kilogram. I’ll have half a kilo of that  torta di crema per favore….

Actually, it was more like 200g and it was delicious 🙂

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