Market Day

There was a huge thunderstorm last night and lots of very heavy rain but this morning the sky was bright and clear. I woke up just in time to hear President Obama’s acceptance speech live on TV, in Italian. 

I kept my promise and went for an early run around the Wall. It was quiet but I suspect that all the runners who had to go to work had already been and gone. The view to my left was to the mountains beyond Lucca and to my right across the rooftops of Lucca. Not bad at all. And the Wall is flat 🙂

There’s an open market every Wednesday on the east side of the city under the Wall at Porta Elisa so I went to have a look. This is shopping at the opposite end of the scale from the shops in the centre. It’s a rumage until you find what you want kind of place. Huge tables pile high with jumpers, racks and racks of winter coats and jackets, kitchenware, flowers, vegetables, and the kitchen sink! I bought a copy of a film that I saw recently at the Italian Film Festival in Auckland for 2 Euro after remembering to check that it has English subtitles. I’ve been caught out on that one before.

 I’ve noticed that there are always people hanging around the fountains in some of the piazzas and today I discovered why. They come to fill up bottles and cannisters with the water which comes from an ancient aqueduct built and tastes better than the water from the taps. I tried it, and it does. 

I can’t believe that this is my third day here and I have yet to visit any of the famous monuments, or take any photographs of them, or buy any shoes. I must be relaxed 🙂

A domani!


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