(Very) public displays of affection

They’re everywhere. On the platform at the station, on a bench in the piazza, at the next table in the restaurant. In your face, but apparently invisible to everyone, and frankly I don’t know where to look. It’s not just a quick kiss and cuddle. Oh no. There is full blown X rated groping going on, but no grinding. Small mercies.
Yesterday, sitting on the train in the station in Florence, a gay couple (not in the John Key sort of way) were saying their fond farewells. It looked to me as if one of them was going away for a long time, maybe even forever. Imagine my surprise when they both got on the train.
And now, as I sit here enjoying a long lunch, at the next table a couple with octopus arms and a cute way of making little chirpy slurpy noises as they smooch away barely able to stop to order their meal. They are all dressed up and they have the wine glasses reserved for the good wine so maybe it’s a big occasion, or maybe it’s just an ordinary office lunch 🙂

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