Sapori e Saperi

There’s a food and wine show on in Lucca this weekend. It’s a celebration of local produce and slow cooking and people have come from near and far to show off their products. The area to the north of Lucca is called the Garfagnana and it is famous for amazing artisans who still use traditional methods to produce amazing food.  I can’t believe my luck really as I can sample all the delights from the area without having to leave Lucca.

The show is called ‘sapori e saperi’ which means ‘taste and knowledge’ and that really sums up food in Italy. It’s got to taste good, and there has to be a story about where it has come from and/or how to cook it.

There are cheeses, fresh pasta, olive oils, wine, bread, sweet things (including ricciarelli), sausages and all sorts of salami and cured meats, homemade jams and salsas, and a selection of peperoncini that are a joy to look at. Wine is being offered for one euro a glass, and there are paninis stuffed with pork, and small dishes of gnocchi and pasta with a variety of sauces. The smells drifting out of the big stainless steel pots are delicious. 

There’s a competition running too. Each visitor can buy tickets to sample the dishes on offer and then vote for the one they thought was the best. I was too full of lunch to do that today but I might go back tomorrow… 


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